Introducing Belief Accelerator!

Belief Accelerator is a
4-module program that changes your subconscious belief fast, fully utilizing the mechanism of the mind.

With the 3-step process (understand, internalize, embody) and the 3-step practice (conscious imagination, feel the feeling, autosuggestion), you will turn your own mind as a tool to create a permanent change instead of relying on any outside tools for a temporary change.

When you learn how to own your own mind, you become POWERFUL, and you realize that you cultivated an ability to change anything you desire moving forward for the rest of your life.

Module 1
Essence & Identity

Fully understanding the 3 planes of life (spiritual, intellectual, physical), what belief is and is not, the role of the autonomic nervous system, and the subconscious mind. 

Establish the framework to build a new belief with a detail instruction of how exactly you can self-reflect for an effective change and create a daily sustainable practice to internalize and embody the new version of you.

Module 2
Transcend Biological Fear

Master suspending the feeling about yourself that comes from the past memory and any information from the physical world that contradicts your new image and belief about you.

Module 3
Transform the Habitual Self

Develop a discipline muscle and learn how to avoid getting stuck in your familiar habitual state by learning to constantly observe the energetic field within you and fully integrate the practice in your lifestyle.

Module 4
Embody the Sacred Self

Truly embody the new version and by the end of week 4, by following the process, you forget the previous version of you and the belief you were operating because now your new version is so vividly strong and so natural.