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Connect to the Sacred goes deeper with living the "frequency of realization" (satori mindset) by integrating the energy of love and sustaining the holy state of being fully in our lifestyle so that we can successfully own our divine expression in this physical world to deliberately engage in the sacred act of serving the world into oneness.


Be the Energy of Love

Going deeper with a practice of unconditional self-love and embodying the energy of love into your health, relationship, career/service, finance, and spirituality so that you can live in full alignment with what you are made of and who you essentially are - intelligence of love.


Dialogue with the Holy Spirit

The opposite of fear is faith. When faith blends with the purposeful intelligence of the universe, it turns to love. Love has dimensions and the dimension we want to connect here is the holy state of being. This state eliminates all the sufferings in our minds allowing us to become one with the core intention of the divine intelligence. We will be working on embodying the universal laws.


Own Your Divine Expression

Purpose #1: Dis-cover your innate gift.

The divine is seeking  a full expression through you. Own your path that took you to where you are at now fully, transcending all the stories in your mind. Practice owning fully who you choose to be in the world regardless of the incongruency you might face in the modern society. This is about becoming clear with your unique message of the soul and truly owning who you were born to be.


The Sacred Act of Serving into Oneness

Purpose #2: Express your gift to serve the world.

Serving others and the world to wake up their divine expression is what we are here to do. Each one of us is essentially a messenger to facilitate the bigger purpose of the divine - to remember who we are and to go back to our "home" by embodying the one mind - that is, the oneness of I AM. 

Connect to the Sacred is not an intellectual educational program. It will "program" your BEING through embodied practices to live your soul's purpose each and every moment and fully uncover your current identity into a sacred living expression you are born to cultivate and experience in this life on earth.

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